Conferences of Interest

From time to time we would like to share information for upcoming conferences that some our members are planning to attend.  Although these conferences are not hosted by Capital Area Bible Believers, they tend to be somewhat local to our area and agree with the distinctive Apostleship of Paul.

We believe the apostle Paul had a different ministry (Eph. 3:1-11) than that of the twelve disciples of Christ (Matt. 10:1-9, Mark 16:14-18, Acts 1:8). We believe that Paul had a particular message which was previously a mystery (Eph. 6:19, Col. 4:3) for the Gentiles (Rom. 11:13, 1Tim. 2:7, 2Tim. 1:11) and a dispensation of the gospel committed to him (1Cor. 9:17, Eph. 3:2, Col. 1:25) by which we are saved (1Cor. 15:2), stablished (Rom. 16:25), and will be judged (Rom. 2:16).


Current Conferences:

Speaking the Truth in Love in The Dispensation of Grace